Black Teas

Black Teas
The most commonly consumed in the US, black tea is fully oxidized producing it’s dark color, robust taste character and caffeine content. Black tea provides the highest content of caffeine of all tea categories yet still less than ½ as much as the same size cup of coffee providing just enough energy to stay out late or wake up early.

  • Decaf English Breakfast a decaffeinated version of a traditional stong breakfast tea $2.50/oz
  • English Breakfast - Organic This is no ordinary English Breakfast. An outstanding blend of high quality USDA certified organic black teas produce a full-bodied yet smooth cup. No bitter aftertaste and a perfect way to begin a new day. Stands up well with milk and sugar. $2.50/oz
  • Ilam golden black a premium tippy black tea from the Teenjure estate in India $8.00/oz
  • Indi’s gold spicy, fruity while leaf black tea produced in small batches in the Nilgiris $8.00/oz
  • Irish Breakfast Fresh and invigorating, Irish Breakfast is a flavorful way to greet the morning, or beat the midday blues. The aroma is sweet and rich and a dark translucent brew that is strong, with just a hint of astringency. The flavor is wonderfully bold, with notes of sweet caramel and malty oats. Excellent in every way, Irish Breakfast is perfect straight up, but equally enjoyable with a splash of milk and bit of sugar if you prefer. $2.50/oz
  • Lapsang Souchong This well known Chinese black tea is a wiry, twisted leaf style from the Chinese Province of Fujian. Withered over pine fires this aromatic, flavorful black tea has robust character with a smoky note. $2.50/oz
  • Leopard Blend This unique extra long & tippy leaf style lends itself to a sort of leopard print in the dry leaf and steeps a sweet malty wonderful cup of India Assam black tea. $2.50/oz
  • Margarets Hope 1st Flush Darjeeling teas are considered champagne of teas,exhibiting the fruit undertones that are typical of quality teas from the region. This tea is a fine first flush tea from Darjeeling’s most popular estate. $8.00/oz
  • New Vithanakanda This extra fancy long leaf orange pekoe from Sri Lanka has a slightly sweet honey-like taste and stands as one of the best Ceylon black teas money can buy. $2.50/oz
  • Organic Keemun Mao Feng This tea highlights a natural sweetness on both the nose and the palate. The wonderful aroma of the dry leaf is enhanced once brewed producing an intensely bold cup. A must for black tea and Keemun lovers. $6.00/oz
  • Young Mountain Assam  from the tropical plains of the Brahmaputra river, a malty black that is richly aromatic $6.00/oz
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