Flavored Black Teas

Flavored Black Teas
  • Cafe Latte The rich decoration of creamy yogurt pieces, a hint of cocoa, delicious sweet chocolate and coffee beans all support an exquisite taste and unique mixture. $4.00/oz
  • Chocolate Mint Tea A perfect dessert tea, this Black tea with mint leaves, and chocolate pieces and chocolate mint flavor serves as an after dinner Andes mint without the calories! $2.50/oz
  • Coconut Chai A local favorite, this Black tea blended with ginger root, cinnamon, shredded coconut, ginger, coconut and vanilla flavor is our best selling chai tea blend. $2.50/oz
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry A well balanced combination of fruit and chocolate. China Orange Pekoe tea joins rich semi sweet dark chocolate and slightly tart raspberries to create a creamy, not too sweet, flavorful cup of enjoyment. $6.00/oz
  • Earl Grey Extra Fancy This traditional earl grey is made with an extra fancy orange pekoe whole leaf black tea and that classic bergamot flavor. An old time favorite. $2.50/oz
  • Emperor's 7 Treasures Since the Middle Ages, seven has been the numeric symbol of perfection and completeness in the world. This select blend of fine black and green teas, rose and sunflower blossoms does it's very best to achieve that level of perfection. $2.50/oz
  • Hazelnut Tea Got a hankering for something just a little bit sweet and just a little bit nutty? Try this Black tea with hazelnut pieces and hazelnut flavoring. This may just turn out to be your high calorie hazelnut latte replacement! $2.50/oz
  • Lavender Earl Grey We took your traditional earl grey tea and added a lavender twist. This whole leaf black tea is blended with lavender flowers and bergamot flavor. $2.50/oz
  • London Smog 50/50 blend of our lapsang souchong & earl grey $2.50/oz
  • Mango Vanilla A stunning collection of mango cubes and vanilla pieces, these flavors are sure to tempt your taste bunds. A striking display of sunflower blossoms, red rose petals and blue mallow blossoms unify the many reasons you will be lured to fall in love. $4.00/oz
  • Orange Vanilla White Chocolate This luscious creamy orange black tea has a silky mouth feel and a sweet, scrumptious taste. Orange slices, sweet citrus and creamy vanilla makes this a perfect substitute for dessert. $6.00/oz
  • Pomegranate Cranberry A unique flavor combination of fruity pomegranate and the ever popular cranberry. Colorful cranberry slices and peony petals complete this perfect harmony. $4.00/oz
  • Pumpkin Spice A house blended seasonal specialty of bold black tea, marigolds, and pumpkin spice and cream flavor. The perfect compliment to crisp fall days. $2.50/oz
  • Toasted Coconut A house blended specialty tea made up of the perfect balance of chocolate, almond and a toasted coconut flavor using a bold black tea, chocolate chips, almond slices, coconut oolong, and hojicha green tea. $4.00/oz
  • Vanilla Bright Ceylon tea with pure vanilla. Soothing and cozy, like warm sugar cookies made with fresh vanilla beans. $2.50/oz
  • Wedding Chai Black tea, crushed green cardamom, cardamom seeds and vanilla flavor $2.50/oz
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